Our Projects

Experience our integrated projects, blending interior design, construction, billboard advertising, and event management. From residential to commercial spaces, we deliver innovation, excellence, and captivating environments.

Interiors Designing

From breathtaking residential makeovers to captivating commercial spaces, our expertise elevates every environment.


From commercial to residential, we prioritize integrity, craftsmanship, and efficient space utilization. Our commitment to sustainability ensures lasting impact.


From concept to installation, we create impactful outdoor campaigns that leave a lasting impression. Maximize visibility and engage your audience with our strategic approach.


From personal parties, corporate shows to brand activations, we bring creativity and precision to every occasion. Meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure memorable experiences for your guests.

On-Going Projects

Our ongoing projects embody a spirit of innovation and creativity, pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in design and execution. We strive to bring fresh ideas and unique concepts to each project, ensuring a distinctive and captivating outcome.

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Contact Details

Imityaz A. Siddiqui
Phone : +91 933-536-8398
Email : info@oceanmultitraders.com

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